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Why Time Capsule?

All of the major resource problems for humanity in the 21st  century – energy, population, and climate change – are global problems that require global solutions. At the same time, the global political stage, even more than the domestic political stage in America, is impotent and incapable of proactively addressing these problems. And it is so, in part, because we, as citizens of a global society, don’t share a common understanding of what the universe is, how the Earth and humans on it evolved, under what conditions, in what time frame, how unlikely it is that those conditions should ever have existed in the first place, and how fragile and easy it is and will be to ensure our own demise. Time Capsule is not going to solve the world’s problems or resolve global conflict. But one of its goals and purposes is to tell the story of Earth and man in the universe in a way that is as true as possible to the best scientific evidence of the day. It is a thesis of Time Capsule that a common understanding of what the Earth is, what we are, and what the history of our role and impact on Earth has been to date will contribute to a shared appreciation for the most unique planet in our solar system... and the only home we have and have ever known.
Time Capsule, Light, Science and the Era of Man is a science-based educational documentary that provides a framework for consideration of current social and political issues in the context of scientific discoveries from ancient Egypt to the present day. Reference and background materials for study and additional reading are available with licensing to educational institutions.